From Four Until Late

 One of the funnest things about jamming is hearing other people's musical ideas and approaches to playing. It's probably one of the best ways to learn -- listening to others and copying their stuff!. Recently I asked some of my jammers what was their approach to their solos; some said "I try to play the melody," another said "just trying to play the right scale." Another approach is to create a vocabulary of licks and riffs from which we can extract phrases that can be put together in different ways.

We recently added Robert Johnson's "From Four Until Late" to the set list. This one has a different flavor from the "Sweet Home Chicago" and "Dust My Broom" kind of grooves. A little more sophisticated -- in particular there is a cool turnaround in which, instead of playing a single line, Johnson uses full chords (C C7 F f minor), giving one beat each to the chords. The F --> f minor change is also used earlier in the song. To check the chord changes and lyrics to this or any of the song just click here.

You can also hear Robert Johnson playing the song here

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