Hound Dog

 Lots of folks showed up on Saturday! We spent the first hour jamming together in the BIG room. We then broke up into two smaller groups. I had to split my time between the two groups, but I admired the cooperation of folks to getting down and working out their respective jams. I talked to the Freight and hopefully we wont need to break out into the smaller groups again -- on the first Saturday of the month we have a small scheduling snafu where a class that officially starts at 3pm needs access to the BIG room to set up early. I am asking them if they can start their class at 3:30, thus allowing us to continue our jam uninterupted.
At the end of the jam I introduced the song, "Hound Dog" to one of the groups. We were playing a rumba rhythm in my "Grooving the Blues" class and when I looked for a good rumba rhythm for the jam, BOOM!, I ran into "Hound Dog" I find the rumba rhythm fun to play, with lots of cool rhythmic guitar possibilities. Big Mama Thornton and Buddy Guy playing Hound Dog.

For Chords charts and Lyrics for the Jam check out here:

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