I Hear You Knocking!

 ...but you can't come in....Oh, alright, come on in! Fats Domino wrote it and we played it last Saturday. Good crowd showed up and we rocked the place. I would like to ask you, my fellow jammers, for more song suggestions. I would like to add a dozen or more songs by the end of the summer. Please e-mail song names and the performances, e.g. "Dust My Broom" -- Elmore James. I would especially like more funky blues and minor blues. I can't promise to incorporate everyone's suggestion but I will give them a listen and see if it works for my voice (key?). Of course, you are welcome to bring in a song and sing it yourself, but please make sure you have chord charts handy.

I will be holding jams every Saturday throughout June and July. I will be taking off for the month of August, but back again for Septemer. I have created a calendar so that you can see ahead of time when the jams are being held. You can also check out which classes I'm teaching at the Freight. Click Here

Here is Dave Edmunds playing: "I Hear You Knocking."

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