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 We have been playing some minor blues lately -- St. James Infirmary and One Meatball, for example. These are fun and a great background for using our minor pentatonic scales for soloing. Since we started again in September we have been only guitar players, which is great, but I would like to encourage other instruments to join. So, if you know any fiddlers, harmonica players, percussionists, mandolin, uke -- heck, any instrument can play the blues -- send them on down!

Jamming Tip of the Day:
When you are trying to learn a new song listen to the bass. Its sometimes easier to hear the bass and and they are often playing the root note of the chord. Try to hum the bass line and then you can figure out the appropiate chords that go along with it.

Here is a link to Big Bill Broonzy playing "Hey, Hey"

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