Shake Your Money Maker!

 Had a really fun jam today. Great playing by all! I was really pleased by the way everyone played in support of their fellow jammers. I have said it before but having good rhythm chops is essential for a successful jam. Not only does playing solid rhythm provide a good foundation against which to solo over, but the nuances of others' rhythm playing can help inspire our solos. This is what jamming is really about: playing off of each other.
WARNING: -- a bit of shameless self promotion follows. Now, if you are feeling like your rhythm playing is lacking and/or you want to try some new soloing ideas, I will be teaching back to back classes of "Grooving the Blues" and "Jamming the Blues" on Thursdays in January at the Freight and Salvage -- check the Freight calendar.

For those of you who have yet to attend the jam I wanted to take a moment to explain how I chart out songs. I normally will introduce a song and write the chord sequence out on a wipeboard like so: /E/E/E/E/A/A/E/E/B/A/E/B/ 
The capital letter refers to the chord, e.g. E. One letter between two // means we play that chord for one measure -- in most cases one measure is 4 beats. If we have two letters between a slash, e.g. /E A/ that means we play the first chord, E, for two beats, and then the next chord, A, for two beats. If you see /Am/ that means it a minor chord, and /D7/ means a D seventh chord. That's pretty much it. Come join us for some fun jamming.

P.S. I will be running jams on Saturdays throughout December. If you are a regular let me know if you can make it!

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