Where's Pete?

 In case you were wondering where I have been the past two weeks and why there hasn't been a jam take a look below...

Yes, that's yours truly in the black mask and sporting the "corral-colored" guitar. My band, Buzzy Frets was playing at the KFJC fundraiser: Battle of the Surf Bands. We never got around to drawing swords or bashing each other over the head with our guitars; in fact, everyone was quite cordial. Each band played a 12 minute set, which was just enough time to get a taste without bogging down the proceedings. I also took Memorial Day weekend off to spend some time with the family.

I apologize to the folks who showed up at the Freight hoping to dig into some tasty grooves. Rest assured I will be at the jams throughout June. So string up your guitars, mandolins, banjoes, fiddles, basses or whatever and come on down

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