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The Guitar of John Fahey

on-line zoom class

meets 6 Saturdays starting June 5

12:30-2pm (pst)

Price: $150

When it comes to fingerstyle guitar John Fahey, along with Leo Kottke and Merle Travis have had a huge influence on me. Fahey's instrumental compositions evoke such a wide range of emotions, from sadness and grief to charming, lilting excursions that feed the soul.

In this class we will play through 7-8 of his compositions in both standard and open tunings.

These songs are a bit longer than those I have done if my blues fingerpicking classes but they are NOT too challenging. Most of the tunes are anchored by a steady alternating bass.

Song list:

St. Louis Blues (dropped D tuning)

Desperate Man Blues (Open G)

Give Me Cornbread When I’m Hungry (open G)

The Red Pony (D minor tuning)

Sunflower River Blues (open C tuning)

The Last Steam Engine Train (standard tuning)

Some Summer Day (standard tuning)


The Guitar of Jimi Hendrix

on-line zoom class

meets 6 Saturdays starting June 5

10:30-12pm (PST)

Price: $150

In his short career Hendrix influenced more guitarists than probably anybody in the history of the instrument. The bombast and soulfulness of his playing skyrocketed him to fame. While he was very much a rock guitarist his playing was steeped in the blues. We will examine a short list of his songs in detail with an emphasis on phrasing and tone.

Song List:

Hey Joe

Little Wing

The Wind Cries Mary, and Red House



Beginning Music Theory for Guitar Players

on-line zoom class

meets six Wednesdays starting June 16

7:30-9pm (pst)

Price: $150

What is the major scale? What's an interval? How are chords built? These questions plus many more will be answered in this class for guitarists who have been playing for a while but want to know more about how music and the guitar work. Along the way we will discuss the Circle of Fifths, the CAGED system, and use examples from real songs to explore the instrument.

You don't need to have a lot of technical skill to take this class. All examples will be given out in pdf format and fully explained.


contact Pete (buzzyfrets@yahoo.com) if you are interested in any of these classes


A note about classes: this next session of classes will all be held on-line on zoom. It's important to have a reliable internet connection. I hope to start doing in person classes again very soon. I am doing private lessons (one on one) in person, and hoping by July to do an in-person version of my Jamming the Blues class. Fingers crossed!

Led Zeppelin (Mostly Acoustic)
Class starts May 5, 7:30-9pm, six consecutive weeks
zoom invite only
Price: $150
The focus of this class will be the acoustic guitar songs of Led Zeppelin with a smidge of electric guitar, because, as we all know, Jimmy Page could hardly resist an electric guitar when the mood called for it! We will work through approximately 7-8 songs over the course of six weeks.

Songs will include:
Over the Hills and Far Away
Hey, Hey, What Can I Do?
Ramble On
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
Stairway to Heaven
Thank You

If you are interested or have any questions feel free to contact me: buzzyfrets@yahoo.com



November 14, 2020

As many people all over the world are being forced to shelter is place its a good time to work on your guitar skills

Check out my True Fire channel: access to lots of TABS, videos and acoustic blues guitar education. The focus is on fingerstyle blues. Learn to play:

• alternating bass

• monotonic bass

• slide guitar

• open tunings

• Lots and Lots of songs!

There over 200 videos and over a 150 TABS

Pete's Fingerstyle Blues Academy


I also teach private lessons at my studio in Berkeley. E-mail or call me for rates and availability.



Order the latest book: Play the Blues Like...

This book shows you how to play in the style of 12 different blues and blues-inspired artists, such as: Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, Skip James, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Memphis

Minnie, and many more. The book was written in conjunction with Acoustic Guitar magazine and published by Hal Leonard.



I'm a beginning guitar player and have been Pete's student for a few months and wanted to write him up here because I couldn't imagine having found a better teacher. I tried a few other people before going to Pete and the difference is amazing. While most guitar teachers know how to play, Pete also knows how to teach.
He's great at explaining things, great at showing technique, he sends an audio recording of each lesson to your email address (a HUGE help), and teaches you songs that you want to play. In addition to all this his rates are good and he's a cool, easy-going, guitar-loving guy…
--private student

looked forward to the class every week. Even though we were at different skill levels, Pete provided each of us with personal attention which inspired us all to practice. It was fun and rewarding to see myself (and all the other students) improve over the period of the class. Highly recommended!
Bob, student from class

Pete Madsen’s blues guitar classes at the Freight are just great! You learn a lot, and it is incredible fun. I honestly cannot get enough!
– student from class

i been playing for quite a while but not correct finger picking cant sink so this is nice and clear teaching i too think this is one of the best thanks bro
– youtube comment

Thanks for the good video on_ your blues lesson. You explained clearly and broke it down just enough keep up the blues lessons friend God bless

jo bro you helped me so much understand more about_ fingerpicking and syncopation. please keep on teaching man, your one of the best around…
--youtube comment

Took Pete’s Acoustic Blues class.......it was everything I hoped for. He really helped me wrap my head around the fingerpicking that had eluded me for years....thanks again!
I'm looking forward to studying with him again in the future.
-- student from class