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FREE SHIPPING!!! in US This book is designed for the guitarist who wants to learn to solo in a blues format. My expectation is that you are a guitarist who knows how to play decent rhythm, understand I IV V chord progressions, can play competently in several different keys, and perhaps even have attempted some soloing. You may or may not know some scales and riffs and have possibly toyed around with techniques such as slides, pull-offs, hammer-ons, bends and vibrato. If that is the case, read on. In this book we will learn the basic tools for soloing, which include scales and partial chords. We will play several 12 bar solos and analyze how they are built. Along the way you will learn all of the above techniques, but MOST importantly you will learn to create musical phrases. As the word suggests, a phrase is based on the language skills you already possess. If you think of your daily speech as a template for soloing you will bring life and vitality to your playing. In our speech we have many different types of phrases: statements, questions(?), exclamations(!), pauses….These phrases will have content and inflection. For instance a whisper implies secrecy. It is barely audible and meant for only a few chosen ears. That soft inflection makes the listener perk up their ears, as if something important is being said. I am often telling many of my students to play louder, but what I’m really asking them to do is play with dynamics. Play loud, then play soft; alter your attack and you will notice how much your audience is really listening.

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