Post Number 10

 We're back! After several weeks off for summer vacation we have come back for our weekely jams on Saturdays from 1-3pm at the Freight and Salvage. We brought in a few minor blues into the frey: St. James Infirmary, One Meatball and a Russian blues song. I know what you're thinking "Russian Blues!?" Well, technically speaking, blues is an African-Amercan art form, but I would argue that every culture has its right to the blues, especially the Russians! You know, Stalin, purges, state sanctioned repression...We also played some Blind Blake -- Chump Man Blues. Blind Blake was probably the most technically gifted of the early blues guitarists. He recorded a vast number of records --either alone or with others -- between 1928-32 and then mysteriously disappreared. Its assumed he died, but I like to think he still lives on in the records, that we can still listen to, and the guitar lines that we all struggle to play.

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