Happy Holidays Jammers!

 This goes out to all my jammers -- you know who you are!

Allright, I will include everyone. I mean, heck, its Christmas. As the year comes to a close I want to thank all of you who have attended the jams, taken lessons, came to gigs, taken classes, or just crossed paths. I have to say that this past year has been a growing experience for me. Since having started the jams back in March I have appreciated more then ever the ability to make music with others. About 12 years ago I embarked on a journey of solo guitar playing which, in and of itself, as been a a remarkable musical experience. I have learned a lot and grown to appreciate the craft and stylings of solo blues artists and fingerstyle guitar in general. Solo playing is still very much a part of my performing and teaching life, but running these jams and playing with my band (Buzzyfrets) has reconnected me to the fun and importance of creating and playing music with others. When we play with others we open our ears and minds to the possibilities of musical expression. We HEAR and respond to the sound that others make during a jam -- a simple lick or flurry of notes can inspire us to try something new, to explore.
I look forward to the jams to come in 2013. And I would like us all to remember that in the true spirit of jamming its okay to screw up. Take chances. Don't worry about what I or anybody else thinks. Try something new. If it doesn't work...try something else.

i leave with this: a cool Christmas song done by a very gifted band: The Carolina Chocolate drops

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