The Two Petes

 As some of you know I split my time between two musical projects: there is the solo acoustic Pete, who performs acoustic blues, ragtime and slide guitar and then there is the mysterious "Buzzy Frets," my alter ego, who plays instrumental surf and rockabilly. This week I have been giving equal time to both personas: Buzzy Frets, who plays in the band by the same title, played a marvelous set in beautiful SF with the Mystery Men at the Knockout on Wednesday. It was reverb-drenched and slap-back-echoed mayhem at a fun dive in the MIssion.
      Pete Madsen, on the other hand, is playing at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival this weekend, where intricacy is highly valued. It's almost a Jekyll and Hyde existence. Buzzy is demonstrative, outgoing and somewhat loud. Pete is a bit more reserved and articulate. But they both have one thing in common: they value groove above all!
I love this dual persona! It gives me the perfect outlet to be both boisterous and subtle -- although some would argue that Pete is anything but subtle! We both, also, value dynamics -- do I sound schziophrenic? Both acts like to bring the volume and urgency "up" and then soothe it out, before slamming it home with a blast! This is the key to a successful set.
It's also the key to a successful solo. So, in your next solo, I highly recommend, that you start slow, build up, bring it down, and then slam it home with a zinger! 
nuff said.
No Jam on Saturday, August 17. I will be out of town.

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