Where to Jam?

Hey Folks,

 This past Saturday me and the Jammers were discussing the future of Buzzy's Juke Joint Jam. None of us wants to see it end. A big part of the problem is parking (and Cal football). There was also the question of when the jam should be held (e.g. Wednesday nights? Sundays?). Personally, I would prefer to keep the jam on Saturdays. But I think a change of venue might be in order -- a venue where there is plenty of free street parking. One option is to use my teaching studio in Kensington. However, I could only accomodate 5-6 people maximum. I would also need to discuss this with my landlady. I am inviting other suggestions for venues. Also, let me know if you think a change in time would work: 3-5pm? 5-7pm?

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