New Home and Inspiration

We are now ensconced in our new home at Music Works in El Cerrito, Address: 11225 San Pablo ave, cross street Potrero. The nice folks at Music Works have agreed to let us play in a large room upstairs from their store. Some logistical information. For right now the jam will be held every other week: upcoming dates are February 15, March 1, 15 (I will be away on the 29th). The time is the same as before, 1-3pm. When you arrive you should go into the store and pay the person behind the counter: tell him/her you are there for the blues jam. The price is still $15. 


Parking: in front of the store is one hour; side streets are indefinite. I am told we can also park in the the Del Norte Plaza parking lot for free.


Sources of Inspiration:

We all have our heroes. Some were spiritual leaders who spoke of the power of peaceful confrontation. Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. were men of vision and commitment, who showed us that noncombatants could have a voice in a fight for civil rights — proving themselves, by their peaceful actions and acts of kindness. Some are Captains of Industry, who showed by their innovation and creative thinking that they could produce technology only dreamed of in science fiction. Some, like the recently deceased Pete Seeger, showed that through their song and instruments, that a voice could be given to those underrepresented in the decision-making processes of government and corporate institutions.

Still others are inspired by the words of poets and writers, the canvases of artists, or the notes and phrasing of certain musicians.


We have all had that “ah, ha!” moment when a light bulb shines and a certain clarity of expression has found its way into our consciousness. 

It’s a very personal experience, and yet we our eager to meet others who have had the same feeling.

In reliving that experience with another we are reminded that we are not alone in our seemingly insignificant lives. Someone else has felt the same thing we have.

For me, I have felt most significantly, these types of experiences in two areas of my life: literature and music. In literature, the reading of certain passages in books have have put me in a place of personal transcendence, where the words of authors have echoed in my mind with thoughts that theretofore had not been articulated.

Music, the listening to and the performance of, has also transported me to a place of wonder: a place of possibilities, excitement and deliverance…


I have had many jobs, but my current vocation: guitar teacher puts me in the place of having to imbue my students with technical abilities and knowledge, as well as trying to inspire them and show them the possibilities…However, when I hear one of them play a particular musical passage with feeling and authority…or when they bring to my attention a song I have never heard before and I quite enjoy…or I hear them simply making progress and see the enjoyment on their faces…then I feel like it has all come full circle: they have re-inspired me!


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